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Create a unique home page for your telephone number. Make your phone number work as your personal, easy to remember, one of a kind instant web page address. Enter the telephone number that you wish to use as your new home page web site address. Basic single page web site hosting is free of charge
Telephone Number Required
Ex: 800.555.1212
The number you register above will become your personal email and web forwarding number. Later you may be asked to verify your ownership of this number via caller id. As a verified ICUC member you may be able to register additional telephone numbers and receive additional benefits.

You may enter a few lines of plain text for your web site or, enter a few lines of plain text plus any simple HTML codes or, cut and paste a short and simple HTML page directly from an HTML editor or other source.
(after registration you may upload additional web pages and graphics from the maintenance menu)

Email Forwarding Required Your primary email address. E-mail sent to the phone number above will be forwarded to the email address entered below:
Any email sent to your new Internet telephone number email address(for example: or or be forwarded to the email account address entered above. After you become a verified ICUC member you can add or remove email forwards and set forwarding rules at any time.

Name Required Your full legal name.
Enter your formal name as you wish it to be displayed - complete with any salutation, military rank etc.
Ms. Catherine T. Fillabuster-O'Conner, Ph.D.
Dr. Robert T. G. O'Connell, III, DDS, P.E.
Lt. Cmdr. George O'Hanlin O'Reilly Hammer-Holmes, Jr.
Company Name Optional
This is the name of the company associated with the telephone number entered above. Enter the formal company name as you wish it to be displayed.

The address of the telephone number as billed by your telephone company.
Location Optional Ex: Petro Chemicals Plant (Pier 3)
Address 1 Required Ex: 1742 1/2 Maple Ave. Apt 2B.
Address 2 Optional Ex: Suite 302 or 12th Floor, Room 626
City   Required Ex: Baltimore or Winston-Salem
State/Prov Required Ex: MD for Maryland or AB for Alberta
Zip Required Postal Code   Optional Plus 4

Time Zone Select your local time zone.
Adjust for Daylight Savings changes.
Example: Atlantic, Eastern, Central etc.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)  
Required PIN should be 4 to 6 digits. 

Password Required
Password must be at least 4 characters but no more than 10 characters long. It may contain upper and lower case letters and / or digits.
Repeat password, make sure it matches password above.
Ex: 2SillyBoy6 or 7ajxz9
Upper case is unique from lower case, a mixture of upper and lower case letters with digits is more secure.

Lost Password Questions and Answers Optional 
If you lose your password, we can supply it to you by answering the questions that you have placed on file with us. You must make up both the question and the answer and you may use two questions for added security.  
Question 1 Ex: date of birth or favorite color
Answer 1 Ex: 031956 or blue
For additional security Optional  
Question 2 Ex: mother's maiden name or sister's birthday or goldfish name.
Answer 2 Ex: johnson or 040181 or goldy
Note: If you do not have any questions on file with us, all we can or will do is send your password to your last email address on file. If you have question(s) you MUST know the answer(s), however the advantage is that if you know the answer(s) to your question(s) we can give you your password by email or telephone.
IP Security Level Optional
For a dial-up connection a selection of 0, 1 or 2 may be most appropriate. For a broadband connection (cable/dsl/T1) a selection of 2, 3 or 4 may be most appropriate. Higher numbers (more secure) mean you are more likely to be asked to login again. 
Did someone refer you? If someone recommended that you join ICUC, please give that person or company credit by entering their phone number below.
Referral phone # Optional Ex: 800.555.1212

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