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ICUC allows any web page or web site to be accessed by one or more phone numbers. ICUC links any web site to one or more phone numbers or any web page to one or more telephone numbers. An example phone number web address would be www.646.719.9999.ac or 646.719.9999.ac entered on the web browser address line. A user does not have to own the web site or web page in order to establish a telephone number to web page link. Multiple web sites may be linked to a single phone number. ICUC allows any Internet Browser to access any web page just by knowing its assigned or linked phone number(s). ICUC services are compatible with evolving ITU, IETF, ICANN and FCC Electronic Number (ENUM) and e164 (e.164) ARPA DNS NAPTR and UDDI / LDAP directory service proposed Internet standards.



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