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ICUC universal contact management (UCM) service is here. At last you can send a unified message, email, voicemail, text or multimedia message by just knowing the recipient's phone number. With ICUC Unified Messaging services you can send an Instant Message (IM), electronic mail (e-mail), Short Message Service (SMS) text message or alpha page to anyone worldwide just by knowing their area code and phone number. If the target party of your message has many phone numbers and many devices and many email accounts that's OK, just send to the phone number you best remember and the ICUC Messenger Service will do the rest. Simply use any national, North American or international telephone number as the email (E-Mail) or electronic mail address for the recipient. ICUC has an l-commerce / m-commerce 411 phone number finder, just enter 555-1212 followed by the areacode. ICUC offers deaf and hearing impaired Text Telephone TT / TTY / TDD / 711 expanded use services. Communications devices that operate with ICUC are PDA handheld devices such as the Palm V, Vx, VII, VIIx, Handspring Visor, RIM Blackberry, Worldcom SkyTel Motorola PageWriter 2000X, Motorola Timeport, Motorola T900, Motorola V100, V200, Vtech PostBox Express, MSN Companion, WebTV and CIDCO MailStation. ICUC also supports e-mail and Short Message Service (SMS) message delivery by cellular phone or wireless cell phone. ICUC services are compatible with evolving telephony ITU, IETF, ICANN and FCC Electronic Number (ENUM) and e164 (e.164) SIP VOIP NANPA ARPA DNS NAPTR and UDDI / LDAP directory service proposed Internet standards.


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