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ICUC service is intelligent email (e-mail) accounts, electronic mail, email forwarding, instant message, unified messaging (UM), status condition and location tracking and web site access all by using your phone number as your primary Internet contact address. Soon ICUC will allow smart Instant Message and Instant Messaging (IM) by telephone number over the Internet. ICUC allows Certified Immediate Message and Immediate Messaging (IM) by telephone number over the Internet. ICUC is web based email and email web page access by phone number. ICUC is status update and telephone location tracking by phone number using the Internet or DTMF touch tone or interactive voice command (IVR). ICUC private email account services provide people with individual control over universal contact. Certified email provides guaranteed email delivery to a phone number recipient. Email certification assures email sender verification. Telephone number identity creates email certificate authority. Soon ICUC will allow Instant Messaging - IM by telephone number on the Internet. Soon ICUC will telephone SPAM filters, SPAM prevention, SPAM blocks and call blocking. Using ICUC your email accounts can become virtually SPAM free. Stop or block obscene, pornographic or offensive UCE e-mail. Block unsolicited commercial email (UCE). Unified communications enhance voicemail and voice over IP (SIP/VOIP). Telephone number email address and email by telephone number using a person vanity phone number. Get a personal vanity phone number for your phone number email address. Send email by phone number. Use any telephone number as email address. Email using telephone number address of recipient. Email sender knows recipient phone number, send email to phone number. ICUC phone email services are compatible with evolving Internet Telephony ITU, IETF, ICANN and FCC Electronic Number (ENUM) and e164 (e.164) SIP VOIP NANPA ARPA DNS NAPTR and UDDI / LDAP directory service proposed Internet standards.



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