Location Tracking
Schedule, Task and Time Management
Status Update, Status Tracking and Status Alert
Identity by local, national or international telephone numbers



ICUC offers universal web based dispatching, location tracking, status monitoring and scheduling services for any person, place or thing based upon its phone number. ICUC will manage and maintain the schedule, dispatch, status and location of each employee using the telephone number as identity. ICUC allows self maintenance of employee location and status using a variety of devices. ICUC provides complete location management, status management and time management tools. If you have an authenticated phone number, any telephone number, you can be watched, tracked and checked anytime, anywhere by anyone. If you know a phone number you can perform a status check or location check on that phone number's owner anytime from anywhere. You can perform a wireless Internet Status Check or a telephone voice user interface (VUI / IVR) or Touch Tone DTMF Phone Status Check. The ICUC service allows for secure manual or automatic Dispatching, Status Updates and Location Updates via Internet web, phone or PDA. Check package, food or message delivery status 24x7. Find the status and location of an employee, friend or coworker, track people and project status on a continuously updated web based whiteboard. Check security and monitor with authentication the current status, location and ETA or ETD of an employee, friend or client by web, telephone touch tones (DTMF) or voice command. ICUC services compatible with evolving ITU, IETF, ICANN and FCC Electronic Number (ENUM) and e164 (e.164) ARPA DNS NAPTR and UDDI / LDAP directory service proposed Internet standards.


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