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ICUC service allows interactive Internet Electronic Chat (echat/e-chat), Internet Instant Messages and Internet Immediate Messages of all kinds to be sent by anyone to anyone just by knowing the recipient's phone number. ICUC communications service provides Unified Messaging Service (UMS) and message routing and forwarding by telephone number. Using your telephone number as your universal email (e-mail) address or instant message (IM) contact address makes it easier for friends, business partners and coworkers to contact you or send messages and documents to you. ICUC allows controlled instant contact (IC) email by phone number and phone e-mail. ICUC provides the ability to make and control instant contact over the Internet using the telephone number as the universal contact address. ICUC allows document and voice mail store and forward routing by any phone number. ICUC offers text to voice and voice command service. ICUC offers deaf and hearing impaired Text Telephone TT / TTY / TDD / 711 expanded use services. ICUC alert service provides instant status update change alerts based upon news clipping keyword or content changes. ICUC provides presence services by telephone number. ICUC services are compatible with evolving IMPP, JABBER, SIP, VoIP, ITU, IETF, ICANN and FCC Electronic Number (ENUM) and e164 (e.164) ARPA DNS NAPTR and UDDI / LDAP directory service proposed Internet standards.


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