ICUC® integrates your home and business phone numbers with the Internet. Get your own personal phone number web site and phone number email address today.

ICUC Makes Your Internet Telephone Number Your Personal Email Address

ICUC provides universal email forwarding using your Internet telephone number as your Internet email address. Email by phone number is as simple as typing the phone number as the email address, such as entered as the email "To:" address. Register your personal Internet phone number email address today.
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ICUC Make Your Internet Phone Number Your Universal Web Address

ICUC provides universal web site access using your telephone number. ICUC allows you to link any web site to one or more of your phone numbers. Any Internet Browser can access any web page just by knowing its assigned phone number(s). Web site by phone number is as simple typing your Internet phone number as the web address, such as entered as the web address. Register your personal Internet telephone number web site address today.
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ICUC Smart Email, Instant Messaging (IM), VoIP and SIP Management by Phone Number

ICUC services allow Internet Chat, Internet Instant Messages and Internet Immediate Messages of all kinds to be sent by anyone to anyone just by knowing the recipient's phone number. ICUC smart email accounts provides Unified Messaging Service (UMS) by phone number. Using your telephone number as your email address, instant message address or short message service (SMS) address makes it easier for friends, business partners and co-workers to contact you or forward messages and documents. ICUC allows instant contact (IC) email using your phone number as email address and telephone number as a smart e-mail account name.
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ICUC Unified Messaging, Unified Message Service (UM/UMS), Email Forwarding and Telephone Number Email Account

ICUC intelligent universal contact service is here. At last you can send a unified message, email, sms, voice, voip or media message by just knowing a phone number. With ICUC electronic number (ENUM) based unified messaging services you can forward an instant message, electronic mail (e-mail), short message services (SMS) or alpha page to anyone worldwide just by knowing their phone number. If the target party of your message has many phone numbers and many devices and many email accounts that's OK, just send to the phone number you best remember and the ICUC messenger intelligent forwarding service will do the rest. Simply use any national or international telephone number as the email address or electronic mail address for the recipient. ICUC has an m-commerce 411 phone number finder, just enter 555-1212 followed by the areacode. Communications devices that operate with ICUC are PCS cellular telephones and PDA handheld devices such as the Palm, Handspring Visor, SkyTel Motorola PageWriter 2000X, Motorola T900, Motorola V100, V200 personal communicator or RIM Blackberry.
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ICUC Smart Location Tracking - Status Monitoring - Status Update by Phone Number

ICUC offers smart location tracking services (l-commerce) and status monitoring services for any person, place or thing by its phone number. If you have a phone number you can be watched, tracked and status checked anytime, anywhere. If you know a phone number you can perform a status check on that phone number's owner. You can perform a wireless Internet Status Check or a telephone voice user interface (VUI/IVR) or DTMF Phone Status Check. The ICUC service allows for manual or automatic Internet Status Updates via web, smart phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). Check order, pick-up or delivery status 24x7. Find or monitor the status condition of a friend or co-worker, track project status on a web based activity white board (whiteboard).
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ICUC Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T

ICUC Internet Telephone Number services work with all carriers, VoIP, SIP Servers and satellite RF / Radio / Cable TV networks. Immediately use any carrier assigned telephone number as your Internet Telephone Number identity.
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ICUC Privacy Policy

At ICUC, we care about your privacy. When you browse through our site, we collect information on the efficiency and working of our Web site. This information includes the number of times a web page is accessed, the browser used, and paths taken when moving through the Web site. We purge this information periodically. We also collect your phone number, address and various other information associated with your phone number, but we will prompt you to enter this information. This information is aggregated with information collected from all visitors to our Web site and used for market analysis. This information might be provided to third parties. ICUC uses cookies (small files on your computer) to store reference data for each of your visits. We access this information each time you visit our site so that we can be familiar with who you are.


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